Finnish operator Elisa launches the first 5G network

Elisa is emerging as the first operator in the world to launch a fifth-generation commercial network. The Finnish company started selling 5G subscriptions and announced the launch of 5G commercial networks in Tampere and Tallinn.

The first person to become a user of the 5G network is Anne Berner, the Minister of Transport and Communications, who held a video interview with Estonia’s Economy and Infrastructure Minister Kadry Simson. Video calling is yet another historical achievement of Elisa – the world’s first GSM phone call was also made through its network.

Our goal is Finland to become the leading developer of 5G mobile services. The Ministry of Communications is ready to allocate the first 5G licenses in the 3400-3800 megahertz bandwidth in autumn, which will place Finland among the first countries in the world to build 5G networks, “said Anne Berner.

The fifth-generation network will offer several new features to mobile users. For example, 5G significantly increases the data rate and reduces latency, while allowing a larger number of devices to be connected to the network.

Higher speed is useful for applications like video chat. Elisa, in partnership with Huawei, uses the world’s first commercial 5G terminals to deliver video calling.

5G also enables the introduction of completely new applications in areas such as transport, health, energy efficiency and entertainment. Finland is already among the world leaders in mobile data usage.