Cloud giants develop their own chips

Leading cloud companies are resorting to proprietary chip development that will allow them to build their own servers, thus reducing their dependence on Intel, Taiwanese Digitimes said on Monday, citing industry sources.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba need special chips to work with artificial intelligence applications. Intel has long dominated the processor market, and this is not the case for big internet players who continue to expand the capabilities of their applications and services.

At the Google I / O 2018 Developer Conference earlier this year, the internet company introduced third-generation Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) tensor processors designed for machine training. According to the developer, these chips are eight times more productive than their predecessors.

TPU 3.0 PCB reaches 100 petaflop, while TPU 2.0, released last year, has a teraflop meter of 180. The processor board is mounted in a PCI Express 3.0 x16 slot.

Meanwhile, reports have emerged that Amazon also develops specialized chips that will allow smarter columns of the company to process large data in the device itself rather than in the cloud.

According to CNBC, Microsoft is working on a proprietary processor project that will process the artificial intelligence algorithms in the cloud infrastructure of the company.