NRAM memory from nanotubes comes with a number of advantages

Japanese company Fujitsu will begin production of non-volatile NRAM memories based on carbon nanotubes next year, the specialized source reported. With research in the field of NRAM, or Nano-RAM, the American company Nantero has long been involved. But two years ago, licenses for commercial activity with NRAMs were acquired by Japanese manufacturers Fujitsu Semiconductor and Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor. The principle of NRAM memories is based on the positioning of carbon nanotubes. The key layer in the cell is an array of hundreds of nanotubes intertwined randomly. One value of the control voltage deforms the nanotubes, resulting in a conducting Full Story

Companies cheat with services of fake artificial intelligence

Instead of algorithms, real people do the services they represent as a work of artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic in the world of technology, and it’s going to be such a long time. At the moment, any company in the field would like to be among the first to offer an effective segment of artificial intelligence. Some companies want it so much they’re ready for fraud, says Guardian. One of the popularity scams is the presentation of artificial intelligence services, which are actually done by very real people. The topic came to attention after The Wall Street Full Story